Hi. I'm Ching.
I run this place.

I currently reside
in Wichita, where I
attend WSU.

My current major is
Computer Engineering
that is-- until I decide
what I really want to do.

No, I don't do
this for a living--
although I wish I did.

Job offers are
welcome. Email me.

I am a five-foot,
midget-- but I loathe
being called shorty.

I am five-four
with shoes on.

My hair is currently
black, or really, really,
really dark brown.

I unsuccessfully tried
to dye it blue prior to
Thanksgiving-- but it
didn't work.

There haven't been
any follow-up attempts,
thus far.

I always thought
my eye-color was
black. It isn't.

It's really, really,
really dark brown.

Sometimes it's
green when I wear
wear contacts.

Sometimes a deep
black with an aqua ring
around the pupils.

I bowl-- pretty well.
My ball is a thirteen-pounder.
It's a Quantum-Raven.

I haven't bowled
in almost a year,

I can play chess.
Once in a while,
I will play in Yahoo!
as PerverseAngel.

I am a terrible liar..
and a bad drunk.

I try too hard to
impress people with
my lack-luster wit.

I am indifferent
to gender, and fall
in-love too readily.

I fall for men, women,
animals-- and yes, even
inanimate objects.

I am up to my neck
in debt. Monetary donations
would be greatly appreciated.


I love to dance.
Preferably, by myself.

I am most anti-social
when I'm on the rag.

I read a lot-- and
often wish I wrote
just as much.

I would probably
be more prolific,
if I only had time.

Letters are great.
I love receiving 'em.
So write me.

I am a Scorpio.
And you are...


I'm an exhibitionist,
more than I am a voyeur.

Although, I am
a little of both.

I sing in the car,
never in the shower.

I've been through
several transformations.

From subversive
skater-wannabe to

And everything
in between.

Two words:
identity crisis.
I suffer it each
and everyday.

I have a tattoo on
the back of my right
shoulder. Just one.

I am tone-deaf.

Tactless, I often
speak before I think.

I am commonly seen
with my foot in my mouth.

I am terribly naïve,
pathetic and boring.

And I wish I had
more to write here.

Go check out my brand
spankin' new cam or

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